Books for Kids by Kids (BFKBK), is a FREE virtual library where kids (K-12), are the readers, authors and illustrators.

BFKBK is a place where children can come and read their own stories or they can read stories written by other child authors.

Peer support and encouragement are some of the biggest tools in motivation and self improvement. Books for Kids by Kids is a fun and engaging tool that helps children achieve greater strength in literacy and self expression.



1.Find Your Community on the Map and click the link to get instant access to the BFKBK library. If Your Community or Even Your State is Not Mapped, Please Choose the Closest to You.
2.Have Your Children Browse and Read the Books in the BFKBK Library.
3.Write! Your children can be published authors too and have their stories read by other children all over the country. (Click here for Uploading Guidelines and Rules)
4.Watch Your Children’s Confidence Grow as They Receive Positive Feedback on Their Published Stories. Your Child Will Also be Instrumental in Other Children’s Growth by Providing Positive Reinforcement to the Stories They’ve Read in the BFKBK Library.